Outlaw Battle Royale is an online multiplayer experience set in the Wild West, fight to be the last man standing.

Ride into Springfield Junction, the Trail Head of the Oregon Trail on an old rickity steam train.

Jump off into the dust and brush off the dirt as you scramble to find a weapon.  Will you be the last man standing as the sand storm chokes out the other players? Stay tuned for lots more lore, content, and other games to come!

Games Built By Gamers

Join me as we try to preserve the joys and wonders of video gaming.  It seems the video game industry is not producing fun games anymore, you see that in the market crash of over $50 billion. Me and my friends have set out to build our own video game empire and we need true passionate video gamers to support our cause, all Gamers are welcome!

- Curtis Ashford, @SelectorCEO

Helping Others Learn

As a team our mission to help others who are looking to learn and grow. No matter who you are or where you come from - we have tools that are free to use to help you improve your digital art skills, game development strategies, and a wide variety of other technical skill sets.

- Matt Parkin, Selector Lead Developer

What Happened to Quests?

For the past 20 years I have been a video game fanatic. Recently the only games avaliable seem boring, grindy, and just focused on toxic elements like constantly killing each other. Here at Selector we want to make loot meaningful, rewarding, and have some fun end game progression that players can work toward.

- Edward Phelps-Kennedy, Selector Engineer

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